Repair and Upgrade Services

Revolution NMR offers quick and reliable NMR probe, spinning module, or probe modification services for solid state NMR probes.  We can repair any mechanical, RF, or spinning issue at a very competitive price.  We specialize in Chemagnetics, Otsuka, Varian and Agilent probe technology.  With our high precision machine shop we can machine any part for your probe requirements or special needs. Revolution has completed nearly 200 probe repairs, 30 probe upgrades, and more than 200 module replacements.  We have extensive experience on Chemagnetics, Varian and older Agilent probes.


We offer several repair options:


  • Probe repairs:  Repair/refurbish your probes.
  • Spinning module repairs:   For those on a tighter budget, you simply remove your damaged spinning module from your probe, we repair/refurbish the module and you reinstall your spinning module back into your probe.
  • Coil replacement:  Is coil replacement a hassle? Not anymore, send in your spinning module and we will replace your coil.
  • Individual parts:  Need a part? We will sell any probe/spinning module part or accessory.  If needed, we will help guide you with your repair.
  • Spinning module upgrades:  Install a new spinning module into your existing probe to meet your spinning speed requirements.


Upgrade your unused Jakobsen and Doty probes with a new Revolution NMR MAS module.


Contact us by phone or e-mail and provide us with a description of the problem.  We will diagnose the problem and provide you with an estimate of repair time and cost within three working days. If after we complete our diagnosis and evaluate the probe we cannot repair the probe, we will inform you and ship the probe back to you at our expense.  If you decide not to accept our estimate, we will ship the probe back to you at our expense.  Provide us with a PO or credit card number and we will complete the repairs and return the probe to you.


Please contact us for more information: or

Phone:  970 493-6600


If you have a recent vintage Varian or Agilent T3 probe, please contact our partner company, PhoenixNMR ( )for probe repair.