Revolution NMR provides a wide range of products for solid state NMR including:

Descriptions of our products are summarized below.   Please feel free to contact us at for additional information or questions on non-standard products.  Please visit our online store (link) to order many of our most popular components with a credit card.


NMR Rotors


Outer Diameter (mm)Compatibility: Revolution (R)
Chemagnetics (C)
Varian® (V)
Agilent® (A)
Sample Volume (µl)Rated Spinning Speed (kHz)
1.6 Reduced AlA,V,R836
4.0 TWA,V,C,R8315
4.0 NBA,V,C,R4618

Rotor Handling Toolkits



Revolution NMR provides toolkits for handling, packing and unpacking of all the rotors we supply.  Please contact us for additional information and pricing, or click here for our online store.

  • Rotors are held securely over the full length of the OD, eliminating the possibility of mishandling, loss, and breakage
  • Packing tool is accurately aligned with and matched with rotor ID, ensuring proper packing without damage
  • Cleaning tool is designed to fully remove sample without damage to rotor ID
  • Separate tools for easy, safe removal of top cap and drive cap
  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit all standard solids rotors
  • Complete operating instructions are available on the Revolution website
  • Compatible with all Chemagnetics and Varian™ rotors

Spinning Modules

Revolution NMR provides a wide range of compact spinning modules.


Rotor Size
Module OD
Speed KHz
1.6195/36/40Kel-f or Vespel
2.0195/38Kel-f or Vespel
2.522.25/30Kel-f or Vespel
3.222.23/25Kel-f or Vespel
4.022.21/18Kel-f or Vespel
4.0 NB22.21/18Kel-f or Vespel
5.022.21/12Kel-f or Vespel
5.0 NB22.21/12Kel-f or Vespel
6.022.21/8Kel-f or Vespel
6.0 NB22.21/8Kel-f or Vespel
7.022.21/8Kel-f or Vespel
7.0 NB22.21/8Kel-f or Vespel
7.538.11/7Kel-f or Vespel
9.538/11.5Kel-f or Vespel
143/1.5/3.5Kel-f or Vespel
2.5 – 7mm module
1.6 – 2mm Module









Specialty Sealing Systems

Revolution NMR provides a wide range of sealing solutions for semi-liquid and air sensitive samples.



1) specialty top cap
2) specialty bottom cap
3) single or double o-ring seal
4) and 5) split top cap with vent
5) silicone disk
7) ribbed top cap
8) ribbed bottom cap
9) standard drive system


High Pressure Rotor Systems


Revolution is now offering patented high temperature/high pressure rotors developed by and licensed from Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  Pressures up to 200 bar and temperatures up to 250°C can be used to monitor chemical reactions in situ.

A) standard 5mm or 7.5mm cavern rotor and drive cap
B) liquid/solid sample introduced
C) patented top cap with double o-ring seal inserted
D) cap expander inserted
E) sample pressurized up to 200 bar
F) sample ready for analysis at up to 250°C


Wide Bore Probes

Revolution NMR has provided a broad range of wide bore probes for solid state NMR research.  Probes shipped recently and in progress include:

  • 400MHz low gamma probe for 183W studies
  • 400MHz cryogenic DNP probes based on technology developed by Dr. Robert Tycko at the National Institutes of Health
  • Non-spinning 400 MHz probe for low temperature wideline studies
  • 400 MHz probe for catalysis studies

Please contact for additional information, specs and pricing.