Our Team

John Heinrich, Ph.D. – Managing Partner

JohnHJohn is responsible for the business management of Revolution NMR.  He has bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in metallurgical engineering from the University of Notre Dame.  He has held senior management positions in a wide range of companies in diagnostic imaging, medical diagnostics, and scientific equipment and served as CEO of Otsuka Electronics from 1994 to 1997 during its most significant growth period.  He currently serves as the CEO of PhoenixNMR, the managing partner of Kansas Analytical Services, and as a board member of Sensus Healthcare Inc., a developer and manufacturer of skin cancer treatment equipment.  He can be contacted at johnh@revolutionnmr.com  .


David Lewis – General Manager

David is responsible for all mechanical design and manufacturing activities at Revolution NMR.   He has a broad and diverse background in mechanical engineering and manufacturing.  He began his career in NMR at Chemagnetics in 1981 and was responsible for the development of the first reliable solid state NMR spinning systems.  Over the course of his 39-year career at Chemagnetics, Otsuka Electronics, Varian and Revolution NMR he has been responsible for a wide range of innovations including DOR probes, DAS probes, high temperature and cryogenic temperature spinning systems, and high speed spinning systems.  He can be contacted at davidl@revolutionnmr.com .


Ed Twehous – Senior Electrical Engineer

Ed is responsible for all electrical design efforts at Revolution NMR and also for probe fabrication, testing and repair.  He has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Colorado State University.   Over the course of a more than 25 year career at Otsuka Electronics and Varian he has been responsible for a wide range of innovative probe projects. During his 12-year tenure at Revolution NMR he has been responsible for the design and fabrication of more than 25 probes and has completed nearly 200 probe repairs, more than 200 spinning module repairs and replacements, and more than 30 probe upgrades. He can be contacted at edt@revolutionnmr.com .


Chris Ryan – Senior Machinist

Chris joined Revolution NMR in May of 2016 to assist us with a rapidly growing workload.  He has extensive expertise in CNC machining and is also highly skilled in electronics, computers and networks.  Prior to joining Revolution NMR he spent 4 1/2 years in positions of increasing responsibility at Walker, a manufacturer of premium landscaping equipment.


Bryan Drake – Machinist


Meg DeClement – Office Manager

Meg is responsible for a wide range of administrative functions at Revolution NMR including purchasing, quotes, invoicing and personnel management.  She has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Sacred Heart University.  She spent 9 years at Fiberlok, a manufacturer of promotional materials, where she was responsible for manufacturing planning, purchasing and inventory management, and shipping and receiving.  She can be reached at megd@revolutionnmr.com.

Our Facilities

Revolution NMR is housed in a modern 2700 sf facility in Fort Collins, CO, a city with a long and rich history of innovation in solid state NMR (as well as the largest number of craft breweries per capita in the world.)  We operate a state-of-the-art CNC machining facility that includes the following fully tooled equipment:

  • Haas TL-1 CNC lathe
  • Haas VM-2 CNC mill
  • Haas OM-2A high speed office mill
  • Hardinge semi-automiatic high accuracy lathe
  • S-T Industries 200X video inspection system
  • Emco general purpose lathe
  • Wilton cut-off saw
  • Clausing drill press

Design Capabilities

We make use of a variety of state-of-the-art CAD/CAM tools to facilitate precision manufacturing.  We have the capability to hold tolerances of ~.0003 – .0005” in a wide range of engineered plastics and non-ferrous metals.