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Revolution Announces Collaboration with Bruker BioSpin on Development of A – to – B Kit

Bruker BioSpin realized some time that some new Bruker customers had Agilent or Varian solid state NMR probes on which they relied for important research capabilities.  Bruker therefore established a collaboration with Revolution NMR to develop a kit that would provide the electrical, mechanical and thermal interfaces required to operate their existing probes routinely with Bruker systems, which Bruker has dubbed the Agilent – to – Bruker or A – to – B kit.  A – to – B kits for wide bore systems are currently available and can be purchased from Bruker sales representatives or directly form Revolution NMR.  Standard bore kits are under development and should be available by the end of 2017.

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Revolution Announces Collaboration with Professor Robert Schurko on Cryogenic Non-spinning Probe

Revolution NMR has begun a collaboration with Professor Robert Schurko on a cryogenic non-spinning NMR probe for low-temperature wideline NMR experiments.  Building on the success of its CryoMAS DNP probes, Revolution has designed a probe that should be capable of reaching approximately 10°K with open cycle helium cooling.  The probe was delivered at the end of July 2017 and experiments are expected to begin shortly.

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Revolution Announces Collaboration with Professor Philip Grandinetti on Next Generation DAS Probe

Revolution NMR has begun a collaboration with Professor Philip Grandinetti to develop the next generation dynamic angle spinning probe.  Revolution is participating in a large grant obtained by Professor Grandinetti to improve a wide range of NMR experimental technologies.  Features of the next generation DAS probe will include high speed spinning, a linear motor for module positioning, optical measurement of spinning speed, variable temperature capability, and operation at frequencies up to 850MHz.   Revolution expects to have a commercial version available by the end of 2018.

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Revolution Announces Licensing of 2nd Generation Battelle HPHT Technology

Revolution NMR announced that it has licensed the 2nd generation of high pressure high temperature (HPHT) technology from Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  The 2nd generation HPHT technology, developed by a team led by David Hoyt and Eric Walter, greatly simplifies the rotor leading process and the equipment required as compared to the 1st generation.  Revolution is now offering 5mm and 7.5mm versions of the HPHT rotor and has a 4mm version under development.  Please contact us at for additional information or to request a quote.

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ENC 2017

Thank you to all of our customers, colleagues and friends who visited us at Embers in beautiful Asilomar.  We hope you were able to attend Professor Song-i Han’s presentation on DNP using a Revolution CryoMAS probe  and David Hoyt’s poster on high pressure high temperature NMR (link coming soon).

We look forward to seeing you in Orlando for ENC 2018.

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The A-2-B Kit

In collaboration with Bruker Biospin, Revolution NMR has created a state-of-the-art technology that enables the user to connect Agilent’s solid-state NMR probes to a Bruker Spectrometer. The A2B Conversion Kit will allow one to keep their current Agilent, Varian, Chemagnetics, Revolution NMR, and certain custom probes, while taking advantage of the new Bruker AVANCE Spectrometer System. All of the parts are either produced or refitted here at Revolution NMR to ensure that the customer receives a high quality product that fits the specific probe and conversion needs. The conversion kit also allows full control of Agilent’s VT stack using the Bruker VT Controller.  The A2B kit offers the benefits of utilizing Bruker’s spectrometer design and mass flow regulation for MAS control and VT heating and cooling.


This A2B Conversion Kit is available to purchase from Revolution NMR now! Click here for more information.