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The A-2-B Kit

In collaboration with Bruker Biospin, Revolution NMR has created a state-of-the-art technology that enables the user to connect Agilent’s solid-state NMR probes to a Bruker Spectrometer. The A2B Conversion Kit will allow one to keep their current Agilent, Varian, Chemagnetics, Revolution NMR, and certain custom probes, while taking advantage of the new Bruker AVANCE Spectrometer System. All of the parts are either produced or refitted here at Revolution NMR to ensure that the customer receives a high quality product that fits the specific probe and conversion needs. The conversion kit also allows full control of Agilent’s VT stack using the Bruker VT Controller.  The A2B kit offers the benefits of utilizing Bruker’s spectrometer design and mass flow regulation for MAS control and VT heating and cooling.


This A2B Conversion Kit is available to purchase from Revolution NMR now! Click here for more information.